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Advertisement Large home appliances in Switzerland

Large home appliances
76.63 CHF CHF
Caratteristiche Tecniche: Capacità di lavaggio 6kg 6KG A++ ECOWASH Efficienza energetica A++ Velocità di centrifuga 1000 Giri Sistema di sicurezza per bambini Dimensioni: (L x P x H) 595*480*850 (mm)

Ruswil 19.10.2018

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A large household appliance has become an indispensable in every home and is not uncommon in offices. Do what you can replace a fridge, freezer or washing machine – that's right, nothing. So, friends! Every store large appliances sales courtesy of show and tell about large household appliances from the best manufacturers, but agree, prices will offer you the same "kind", of course in a figurative sense. Dear users platform NYiGDE for business development in the declarations section gives another free opportunity. You can now buy, sell, exchange and give the gift of major appliances in Switzerland. Watch for fresh listings of major appliances new and former use, find out more, read the description and do not overpay for pet helpers. Are you a store Manager of large home appliances, but buyers not so much, the business suffers losses – create a free ad on NYiGDE, enter contacts and make a description. Put an ad on the sale of large household appliances, You will notify about your business all over the country, and most importantly, the coming regions. Thus You get new customers and earn a decent Supplement to the salary to employees.
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