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Advertisement Construction / Repair in Switzerland

Construction / Repair
91.39 CHF CHF
Marteau perforateur sans fil PARKSIDE Pour le béton, la pierre, le métal ou le bois Sans fil 0 à 900 tr/min Revêtement Softgrip antidérapant 2 fonctions réglables : percer et visser ou percer Éclairage LED intégré Compatible avec la batterie Parkside x 20 V Team Batterie et chargeur inclus Caractéristiques : Forc...

Hergiswil 19.10.2018

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Advertising Construction / Repair in Switzerland. Seriously engaged in repair of apartment, office, or construction of private homes, but to buy building materials cheap nowhere? The process for Construction and Renovation started but not enough concrete blocks, concrete, bricks, stones, electrical cable, installation of elements and equipment need no run electronic free ad platform NYiGDE?. Here all guests are always free to find new products for construction and repair of housing does new and used. Electrical equipment, necessary tools and building fastener, ventilation, reinforcement, finishing and facing materials — all looking for in the category of Construction and Repair absolutely for free. When the building is nearing completion there is a need in door hardware, Windows, mirrors, glass, paint and other materials from a number of construction and repair. At this juncture you should not be nervous. Quietly, quietly go to the regional section of the ad and slowly choose the desired construction materials, and other items to the repair facility. Estimate the cost, compare the quality, the characteristics do not forget to ask. Friends, even if you need to buy, but just the opposite, sell the materials from the category of Construction and Repair — select the appropriate subcategory and place the fresh announcement of the sale in seconds. Stay with us, use the free ads in Your city and other services business platform NYiGDE?.
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